Saturday, April 9, 2011

An old friend

I'm not the most prolific writer in the world.  Sometimes my lack of output really depresses me, making me feel like a failure and making me write even less.  And I've noticed a cycle in my writing.  I'll work on short stories for awhile, chip away at a couple of different novels, and then I'll always come back to my oldest (original) story but never actually finish it.

It's a pretty classic soft science fiction story about the end of the world and what happens afterwards.  It's been "finished" several times since it first made itself known to me, at around 12 years of age, but as I grow as a writer I always find ways to make it "better," to expand upon the original story and subsequent versions, and so it's never really been finished.

That needs to change.  I know most writers can relate to the idea of a piece of work never truly being finished, but I need to get this story out there.  I feel like I need to set it free in order to be able to move past it.

I'm still working on putting together the previously mentioned Kindle short story collection, but my old friend needs me so that's where my primary focus is going to be for awhile.  Until it's done.  And I mean it this time.

Oh, and I have a new article up at Yahoo's Associated Content:  Skills for Effective Careers in Management.  May as well put all those years of retail management experience to use somehow. :)

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