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Happy Halloween!

Halloween's probably my favorite holiday.  I haven't been religious for quite some time, so the more religion-oriented holidays don't carry the same weight they once did for me, which leaves only the secular (i.e., "fun") portions of them.  And no holiday has more fun associated with it than Halloween.  It would probably even be fun for me if I didn't have kids, but of course seeing them get so excited about dressing up and trick-or-treating just adds to the appeal.

May all your treats be yummy and your tricks fun!

Today's Blast From the Past

Just over a year ago, a major new patch was released for World of Warcraft.  Patch 4.01 paved the way for the Cataclysm expansion, ushering in major changes to the game's talent trees, classes, and user interface.  Just like every patch before it, Patch 4.01 was said to have destroyed World of Warcraft forever!

Yes, the article is humorous, but some people took me seriously.  Read the article here.

City of Heroes enters F2P market with a vengeance

It’s getting rarer and rarer these days to find an MMO that gates its content entirely behind a monthly subscription fee.World of Warcraft, of course, still does (and probably always will), but other popular MMOs have lately adopted a hybrid subscription/free business model.Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Ring Online were among the first of the big MMOs to offer free play options.Perfect World Entertainment’s Champions Online has been this way for awhile now, while another of their games, Star Trek Online, will be very soon.DC Universe Online will also soon be moving to a hybrid business model.
The grandfather of superhero MMOs, Paragon Studios’ seven-year-old City of Heroes, recently switched to a hybrid model.While theirs is similar to those of the other games mentioned above, Paragon Studios seems dedicated to giving both their subscribers (aka VIP Players) and free players much more value than most MMOs out there.

Announced in June, City of Heroes: Freedom (as the game i…