Saturday, April 21, 2012

25 years in the making

I just realized this morning that my upcoming novel, SACROSANCT, was "born" 25 years ago this year. It started as an art assignment in my 7th grade year at West Jr. High School.  The assignment was to imagine what the world of the future might be like.  Obviously, the story's gone through a lot of changes since I was 13 years old, but part of the basic premise, as well as character traits of some of the characters, are still in its current incarnation.

The book has gone through many iterations over the years, reflecting my growth as a writer and my discoveries of what the future may really have in store for us.  A big part of the reason why SACROSANCT hasn't seen the light of day so far is that I've never really been completely satisfied with the entire storyline.  I suppose that's typical of most writers; I doubt most writers are ever absolutely happy with how everything in their stories turn out.  This time is different, though, and I can't wait to finally shove SACROSANCT out the door and see how it does in the wild.

My son, who's shown creative urges in the past, is busy working on his own story of the future right now.  I'm not sure if I'm inspiring him or not, but I think it's interesting that he's the same age that I was when I first started coming up with the story that is now SACROSANCT.  I'm doing my best to encourage him; I'm very excited to be finishing my book and publishing it.  Who knows where his may take him?

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