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City of Heroes: In Memoriam

Last weekend, I lost an old friend. City of Heroes, the longest running, most popular, and best superhero MMORPG, was killed by its publisher, NCSoft. The reasons don't make sense to anyone outside NCSoft's corporate offices and are so bizarre that one wonders if they even make sense there.

There's been plenty written on the seeming stupidity of shutting down a franchise that's still making you money, and I won't go into that here (although I reserve the right to so do at a later date). Right now, I just want to reflect on what City of Heroes meant to me and to so many others.

I started playing the game in June 2004, about two months after launch, after reading a very favorable review in a PC gaming magazine. I was hooked from the start. I only made one or two characters before creating the Fire Blast/Fire Manipulation Blaster who would become my main character. Hellguard was his name, and I already miss him terribly. I have recreated him in Champions Online, DC…