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Jenna's story and Extra Life: Video Gaming for a Cause

So I'm doing Extra Life this year.  It's an interesting charity that aims to raise money for various Children's Miracle Network hospitals by collecting pledges for hours of video game time on or around November 2nd.  The hospital I chose to support with my efforts is Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, which is near and dear to my heart because of all they've done for my daughter, Jenna.

Jenna was born with a rare disorder called Alagille Syndrome.  It affects various organs, like the heart, kidneys, and liver.  With Jenna, it was her liver that was the major concern.  She spent the first three years of her life jaundiced and really, really itchy.  She would scratch herself enough to bleed at times.  Even in the summer months, she had to be clothed almost entirely from top to bottom to prevent her scratching herself bloody. She had pretty bad xanthomas, cholesterol deposits, all over her body.  They were so bad on her joints that she couldn't even cl…